Edson 2018 Budget Proposal Update

Edson 2018 Budget Proposal Update

Posted on November 30th, 2017

Following a review of the initial budget proposal on November 14th, 2017, Administration has revamped the budget and is recommending a 2.9% tax increase for 2018. The final Mill Rates won't be set until the spring. The modest increase allows for some reserve transfers to resume, which were halted last year to allow for the 0% budget. Funding these reserves is important for the Town as it allows for future planning for items like equipment purchases, facilities, and large-scale projects.

Administration will now adjust the proposed budget to reflect changes requested by Council, including the addition of some funding for the recycle depot's capital budget, and will bring it forward for approval at the December 5th, 2017 meeting of Council.

If you have any comments/concerns regarding the 2018 budget proposal, please contact Edson's CAO or your Council to discuss prior to the December 5th meeting.

http://www.edson.ca/departments/town-manager-s-office / http://www.edson.ca/town/mayor-council

A quick review of the budget can be found here. (Works best in Google Chrome or Firefox browsers)