Edson Facility Planning

Edson Facility Planning

Posted on November 24th, 2014

Edson Town Council is pressing ahead with plans to build or expand a facility in Edson in the next few years.

During the annual Edson Council/Management retreat last week Town Council had a chance to discuss plans in regards to adding or upgrading a facility in the Town of Edson. It was decided that the Town would start moving forward with that plan to get something built in or around 2017.

“Facility planning has been in the works for some time,” said Mayor Greg Pasychny. “It’s time to get some concrete plans in place to move forward with building something this Town can be proud of.”

The plans include creating a working group that will gather both local and regional input into what the facility should include. Public sessions are also planned to get a true feeling of what the community needs and wants are.

“Our goal is to get a large turnout at the public sessions to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and this becomes a project everyone can get behind.” said Pasychny.

More details on the working group and public sessions will be made available as the plans progress.