Edson Fire Service Medals

Edson Fire Service Medals

Posted on July 23rd, 2014
(left to right – Eva Kuefler, Gary Kuefler, Fred Iwanciwski,  Alma Iwanciwski)

(left to right – Eva Kuefler, Gary Kuefler, Fred Iwanciwski, Alma Iwanciwski)

Edson, Alberta, July 22nd, 2014 – Some big honours recently for members of the Edson Fire Department.

This summer two Edson firefighters attended a ceremony in Edmonton where they received some hardware on behalf of the Governor General.

Affectionately known as The Bear, 57 year old Gary Kuefler has been on the Edson Fire Department since 1996 and had 6 years firefighting experience previous to that. He has been awarded with the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal. Firefighters become eligible for this medal after at least 20 years service,

Fred Iwanciwski, or Papa Chew, received the rare honour of getting his 3rd bar (50 years of exemplary service) on his medal. While Fred is retired from active duty he remains a large part of the Edson Fire Family. At 83 years old Fred remains an active member of the Edson Fire Department’s Honour Guard, and volunteers his time at various events on behalf of the department.

“We have a great volunteer base here in Edson and our firefighters are very committed to the community”, said Edson Fire Chief Al Schram. “Reaching 20 years in the Fire Service is great, and to hit 50 years shows an outstanding level of dedication”.

For more information on the Edson Fire Department and how you can get involved check out our website at www.edson.ca/fire.