Edson New Tender

Edson New Tender

Posted on March 10th, 2016

Edson’s newest Fire Truck has arrived.

The new 3000 gal capacity Tender with 500 gpm pumping capability arrived in Edson Tuesday afternoon and received the traditional welcome of being pushed into the hall by the local firefighters.

Director of Protective Services Al Schram says this new unit will be a huge benefit to Edson, providing a water source to areas of Town that are not protected by hydrants. “It also allows us to quickly respond with ample water supply to forested areas within our boundaries”.

The new tender replaces the cost shared unit that was removed from the Edson hall when the Edson – Yellowhead County Fire services Agreement ended last year.

Schram adds that the new unit will be available to our neighbour, when available, through the new mutual aid agreement.