Edson Relaunch Strategy Update

Edson Relaunch Strategy Update

Posted on May 12th, 2020

Updated May 12th, 2020

A reminder about the Town of Edson’s relaunch strategy, including a phased approach to opening facilities.

As Phase one of the Provincial Plan (https://www.alberta.ca/alberta-relaunch-strategy.aspx) gets set to launch on May 14th, the Town of Edson will be making the following changes as well.

  • The Civic Centre will allow SCHEDULED and ESSENTIAL meetings in person. Masks will be required in areas that proper distancing cannot be met. Additional safety measures and increased cleaning will also be taking place.
  • Mass gathering restrictions in the Town of Edson will be relaxed to follow the Provincial numbers (Currently at 15).

Playgrounds and the Skate Park remain open, however, will continue to be monitored to ensure mass gathering restrictions and proper physical distancing is taking place.

The arena/pool/Spray Park remain CLOSED at this time.

Willmore Park is open for camping with additional restrictions/regulations on June 1st. Registration begins May 14th. See more details at www.edson.ca/willmore.

On June 1st, it’s expected the Civic Centre will be open to the public on Tuesdays from 10-3, followed by opening an additional day per week starting June 15th. At this time, we still encourage everyone to use our remote banking and meeting options as much as possible and limit visits to essential business only.

These timelines are flexible based on the public following provincial health orders, new provincial data and instructions, and having proper equipment in place to ensure staff and public safety.