Edson Tax Notices

Edson Tax Notices

Posted on May 12th, 2016

Edson, Alberta, May 12th, 2016 – Tax notices for the Town of Edson will be hitting the mail early next week.

While the combined mill rates have dropped from last year, (Residential 7.79 mills down from 7.92 mills in 2015 and Non-Residential 15.96 mills down from 18.26 mills) the actual amount owed depends entirely on the individual property assessment.

With a new Town Assessor, and new processes in place, some properties may have seen some significant changes, both increases and decreases, from previous years. These changes resulted in more consistent property assessments throughout the Town.

The Town of Edson realizes residents may have questions and we encourage those residents to reach out to us by phone at 780-723-4401.

Tax payments can be made in person at the Town Office, via mail, or through online banking. The deadline for tax payment is June 30th, 2016.