Emergency Committee Meeting / Town Facilities

Emergency Committee Meeting / Town Facilities

Posted on June 17th, 2020

Council and Administration gathered for an Emergency Management Advisory Committee meeting last night (June 16th) to discuss COVID-19 and facility plans.

The Government of Alberta moved into Phase 2 of their relaunch strategy on June 12th. This new phase includes a lifting of some restrictions for businesses, public gatherings, and some recreational facilities. The Town of Edson is currently reviewing the new guidelines and making decisions on potential facility openings based on the restrictions still in place, as well as the emergency budget passed in April. These factors could mean different timelines for reopening than other municipalities.

The latest information on Town of Edson facilities is as follows:

Civic Centre / Public Works Building

The Civic Centre and Public Works Building are now open to the public Monday to Thursday 10am to 3pm. Remote meeting and banking options are still recommended where possible.

Emergency Services Building (Fire Hall)

The Emergency Services Building remains closed to the public at this time. Meetings can be requested by calling the office at 780-723-3178.

Kinsmen Spray Park

The Kinsmen Spray Park is opening to the public on Thursday, June 18th with a reduction in hours and some additional restrictions in place. The hours are 11am to 5pm daily. The facility is to be used at your own risk; however, measures are being taken to increase safety. The area will be disinfected each morning, we’re asking that no more than 100 people gather at one time, and that social distancing is maintained. Town staff will be working with users to ensure the guidelines are being followed.

Vision Park

Administration is meeting with the Ball organizations this week to discuss planned use of Vision Park. Preparations are underway to open 8 ball diamonds for use. Maintenance of the diamonds will be reduced due to staff capacity under the emergency budget and subsequent 0.9 staffing schedule.

Repsol Place

Administration is in the process of reviewing the new guidelines for pools and arenas and making determinations on potential opening dates. At this point, it’s anticipated that Repsol Place will not open until the early fall. Meetings have been scheduled with various user groups to discuss the current restrictions and to review their needs. Many factors need to be taken into consideration in the timing of reopening a major facility like Repsol place, including the restrictions/recommendations still in place, potential reduced revenue, re-staffing requirements, emergency budget restraints, and staff capacity under the 0.9 schedule.


Remains open with some changes to hours at the landfill due to the 0.9 staff restrictions. Visit www.edson.ca/residents/landfill for the full schedule.


Remains open with limited public access at this time.

Greenspace / Parks / Horticultural Service Level Changes

Under the 2020 emergency budget, residents will see a decrease is most service levels for greenspaces and horticultural services. This includes grass cutting, weed spraying, flowers, etc.

The emergency budget included a reduction in staff hours, as well as no hiring of summer students, and the layoffs of a number of staff members from areas like the pool. As well, some project funding was removed due to staff capacity with the hours reduction, to help reduce the tax impact for residents, as well as set up a fund to deal with COVID-19 issues and recovery.

Updates on facilities and health measures will continue to be updated as changes are made. For the latest information relating to COVID-19 and it’s impacts for the Town of Edson, visit www.edson.ca/covid.