Feedback Requested - Designated Snow Routes

Feedback Requested - Designated Snow Routes

Posted on September 23rd, 2014

The Town of Edson is currently considering implementing designated snow routes and are seeking public input.

Cars parked on the priority routes not only significantly slow down the plowing operations, but they hinder operators from being able to do a thorough clearing job.

Designated snow routes would allow the Town to declare a "Snow Event", allowing Peace Officers to be able to ticket and tow cars along that route after an 8 hour notification period. The snow route signs would be posted year round, but only enacted once a certain level of snowfall is reached. At that time there would be no parking on those streets for 72 hours.

A number of questions have been brought up regarding the proposed plan including:

  • How much time should there be between declaring a "Snow Event" and ticketing?
  • Fine amounts?
  • What would be the best notification process for a "Snow Event"?
  • Do you feel designated snow routes are necessary?

The Proposed snow routes are outlined in THIS MAP.

This is a preliminary plan and administration is still reviewing all options.

If you have any answers to the above questions or any questions or concerns please send an e-mail to