Fire Pit Clarification

Fire Pit Clarification

Posted on April 16th, 2020

The Province has implemented a fire ban in the Forest Protection Area. Please note the fire ban does NOT include the area within Edson boundaries at this time. Feel free to use your backyard fire pits responsibly.

  • HOME FIRE PITS - Fires are still permitted in backyard fire pits in the Town of Edson. This may change as conditions change. Permits are still required.
  • PARK FIRE PITS - Fire pits in Town of Edson Parks (Kinsmen/Willmore) will NOT be allowed at this time to comply with social distance requirements.

  • CAMPGROUND FIRE PITS - At this time fires will be allowed in designated pits in private campgrounds within the Town of Edson.

While backyard fire permits are being permitted at this time, the Town of Edson is asking all residents to continue to restrict gatherings and maintain social distancing. Failure to follow the guidelines set forth by the Town and the Province will result in the review and potential cancellation of this program.


How to obtain a fire permit

Recreational fire pits and open air burns do require a permit from the Town of Edson within Town limits.

Application forms can be found at

  • Recreational permits - One time fee of $25
  • Open Air Burning Permit - $50