GM of Community and Protective Services Hire

GM of Community and Protective Services Hire

Posted on October 03rd, 2019

The Town of Edson is excited to announce the hiring of Guy Latour to fill the new role of General Manager of Community and Protective Services. This is one of the final steps in the transition to a General Manager structure for the organization. Latour will oversee both the Community Services Department and the Protective Services Department.

“I am excited to be a part of the community,” said Latour. “I’m looking forward to working with local groups and our municipal team to find ways to help the community grow and develop.”

Guy brings with him close to 30 years’ experience delivering recreation and community development, and 12 years in a professional management role. He also has an additional 20 years of volunteer leadership experience including emergency services as a firefighter and through Search and Rescue.

Latour started in his new role with the Town of Edson on September 30th.

Alan Schram filled the role of acting General Manager during the recruiting process and will continue to serve in the role of Director of Protective Services, focussing on emergency services and disaster preparedness.