Grass Clipping Issues/Illegal Dumping

Edson, Alberta, June 3rd, 2016 – The Town of Edson would like to remind residents that grass clippings can be dropped off at the Edson and District Recycle Depot or at the Edson Landfill at no charge.

Recently, the Town has been getting complaints of grass clippings being dumped in and around the trail system behind area homes. For the health and welfare of the community, and to reduce costs of trail cleanup, the Town of Edson is asking residents to make use of the free service at the Recycle Depot and Landfill, and to keep our trails clear of debris. Be a good neighbor and help improve our greenspaces.

The Town of Edson will continue to monitor the trails to ensure proper removal of grass clippings is taking place. Illegal dumping is covered under the Nuisance Bylaw, but the Town is seeking voluntary compliance at this time.