Hillendale Home Builders' Incentive Program

Hillendale Home Builders' Incentive Program

Posted on May 27th, 2020

The Town of Edson is offering some amazing incentives for home builders to help continue to grow Hillendale Phase II. This new program offers a chance to build now, pay later for any company that meets the requirements. If you are considering building a new home in our community, this program could help you move that project forward!


Purchase price of land AND Municipal portion of property taxes deferred at the time of sale and becomes payable upon:

  • Transfer or change in land title
  • Residence on the land becomes occupied
  • Two years pass from the date of purchase

*The applicant will still be responsible for other applicable property taxes (education/seniors housing)

To be eligible the applicant must:

  • Be in good standing with the BILD Alberta Association, or other equivalent Provincial, Territorial, or Federal association.
  • Complete an application form prior to the expiry date of the policy. (Link)
  • Provide a 10% deposit for the total price of the land.

Applications are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis so apply early!

For more information give our Planning Department a call at 780-723-4402.

Home Builder's Incentive Program Policy

Home Builder's Incentive Program Application Form