Illegal Dumping

Illegal Dumping

Posted on July 08th, 2016

Edson, Alberta, July 8th, 2016 – The issue of illegal dumping of grass clippings and other items continues along Town of Edson trails.

A reminder that it is illegal to deposit these materials on Town land. These trail areas will be monitored, and if a person is caught, fines could be levied, along with any cleanup costs incurred.

Recently, the Town of Edson has spent a lot of time and money cleaning up areas of the Town trail system, specifically the Westgrove area near 10th Avenue, where large piles of grass clippings, mattresses and other debris were found. (see pictures below and attached)

For the health and welfare of the community, and to reduce costs of trail cleanup, the Town of Edson is asking residents to make use of the free service at the Recycle Depot and Landfill, and to keep our trails clear of debris. Be a good neighbor and help improve our greenspaces.