Joint Council Meeting - Edson/Yellowhead County

Joint Council Meeting - Edson/Yellowhead County

Posted on February 07th, 2018

Edson, Alberta, February 7th, 2018 – The Town of Edson and Yellowhead County councils have taken another step forward in their partnership.

On Feb 6th, 2018, the two Councils met to discuss the potential of constructing a new multi-use facility in Edson. Both Councils agree on the importance of this project and will be working on a Memorandum of Understanding to show their support and willingness to work together towards this common goal.

“Edson Council is pleased with how the meeting went, and look forward to working closely with Yellowhead County on this, and other initiatives, that support our region as a whole,” said Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara.

“Our Council realizes that many of the services offered in Edson directly benefit residents in the surrounding area,” said Yellowhead County Mayor Gerald Soroka. “We will continue to support future and existing services and projects that make sense financially and strategically.”

The Town and County have budgeted to start a site selection process for a new multiplex in 2018.