LED Streetlight Conversion Program

LED Streetlight Conversion Program

Posted on August 28th, 2018

Earlier this year, Council authorized Administration to enter into an agreement with Fortis Alberta for the upgrading of the current HPS streetlight fixtures to LED through the 2018 LED Streetlight Conversion Program.

This program is now being implemented by Fortis Alberta with 2 trucks in Edson starting September 4th. It’s expected the project will be complete by September 24th. Please watch for crews and give them space while work is underway.

The Town of Edson will have approximately 1315 lights converting from HPS to LED technology.

The cost to enter the program is expected to be offset by the energy savings the Town will receive by switching to LED lights. The new lighting system is expected to reduce the Town’s annual electricity consumption for streetlights by 30-50%.

For more information on the program, including some Frequently Asked Questions, follow the link below.

LED Streetlight Conversion Program FAQ