Mobile Speed Sign Stats - September

Mobile Speed Sign Stats - September

Posted on November 03rd, 2018

Edson, Alberta, November 3rd, 2018 – Some interesting stats have been gathered from the Town of Edson’s mobile speed indicator sign.

The sign was placed west of the overpass on 2nd Avenue for the month of September. During this time, the sign displayed the speed of those approaching the overpass, flashing if the vehicle was exceeding the posted limit.

While the daily average speed was 44 km/h, well below the posted limit of 50km/h, the daily maximum speeds are quite concerning. The maximum speed recorded was 141 km/h up the overpass.

Another concerning stat is the sheer number of speed violations over the month, even with a speed indicator sign present. The total vehicle count for September was 235,727. Of that, over 41% were going over the posted speed limit. The total number of speed violations was 97,418.

The speed indicator sign is posted at various locations of Edson throughout the year and will continue to serve as a reminder to travellers, as well as providing the Town of Edson with important traffic statistics as we set enforcement and signage at those locations.

For more information on this program, please contact our Protective Services Department at 780-723-3178.