Operations Project Updates

Operations Project Updates

Posted on June 18th, 2020

A quick overview of three projects our Operations team is currently working on.

  • Westhaven Drive (10th & 57th) experienced extensive damage during the spring melt. As a result, road sub surface re-construction is taking place. Storm infrastructure upgrades and repair are the initial step in the process prior to the installation of new asphalt. Time frame - June through July.

  • New drainage swales are being implemented to protect homes prone to consistent flooding. Particularly in the Wilshire and Westgrove areas. These areas were designed for drainage but upgrades were needed to improve the system’s ability to capture surface water. As well, our alleyways are currently not designed to capture surface water, they are simply graded flat. This has resulted in a number of complaints regarding flooding of property during rain fall. We intend to re-shape the alleyways for capture of surface water and transfer to our storm infrastructures. Time frame - ongoing through the season.

  • The proximity of the snow dump to Bench Creek (a fish bearing creek) caused some environmental concerns. For compliance with new environmental legislation, the Snow dump is under construction to implement a new design. The goal is to obtain snow melt containment and filtration before releasing the water into the natural water course. This will improve the environmental impact of concentrated levels of snow melt.