Organics Program Success

Organics Program Success

Posted on February 21st, 2020

The Town of Edson Curbside Organics Collection Program has been deemed a huge success in the first full year of operation.

Operated by GFL Environmental Inc., the curbside waste collection program sees organic material collected separately from other residential waste. The organic material collected is then hauled to the Cleanit Greenit Composting System Inc. facility in Edmonton.

The total amount of organic material collected in 2019 for composting was 670 metric tons. This means that 51% of Edson’s curbside material collected has been diverted from landfill to be composted and sold in a variety of soil related products.

This volume of diverted material preserves approximately 335 cubic meters of airspace in the regional landfill per year. That’s equivalent to about three – 53-foot sea-can containers!

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