Outdoor Rinks Update

Outdoor Rinks Update

Posted on January 14th, 2021

All outdoor rinks (ODRs) in Edson are now up and running. As of today, the Glenwood Outdoor Rink is open. The Griffiths Park ODR, and the community rinks in Westhaven and Tiffin, remain open as well.

Again, please follow the Provincial regulations in place.

  • Indoor shelters and change areas will remain closed.
  • Strict capacities on each ODR. Capacity is based on rink dimensions and will be posted on site. (Griffiths - 33, Glenwood - 31, Westhaven – 10, Tiffin – 6)
  • Proper distancing must be maintained between family groups (at least 2 meters).
  • Private gatherings involving people from different households are prohibited in any indoor or outdoor location.
  • No competitions, games, or events can occur. (skating only)
  • No shinny, tag, or pickup games.

We ask for everyone to take note of the rule changes as they will be monitored, and this could impact future decisions on the facilities. Lights will go out at 9pm at all ODRs and we ask skaters to vacate the area at that time.