Pedestrian Signs / Donation

Pedestrian Signs / Donation

Posted on August 06th, 2020

The Town of Edson is happy to be working with TC Energy to increase the number of lighted pedestrian signs throughout the community.

Recently, Edson Town Council approved the installation of 5 pedestrian crossing signs at a cost of $45,000.  TC Energy followed that up with a $16,000 donation to increase the number of sign locations to 7.

TC Energy has been an active member of the community in Edson and Yellowhead County for decades through their natural gas pipeline and natural gas storage operations. The office in Edson is the central hub for TC Energy operations in the Yellowhead area.

Louai Hassan, a Project Manager with TC Energy, says the company is always looking at ways to build strong and vibrant communities across North America in meaningful and creative ways.

“This investment in pedestrian safety is a really great opportunity for TC Energy to contribute to.  For us, safety is a core value, and this is ultimately an investment in the safety of residents, visitors, and tourists in Edson. The TC Energy staff and their families, along with the construction crews and contractors who live in the community, also make up part of the pedestrian population who will use these great crosswalks. The crossing locations that have been selected for this collaboration are ones that will help to connect people with the Town’s park spaces and improve pedestrian access to the local businesses that the community and our team members frequently visit.”

Louai adds,  “We are pleased to that we can support Edson in unique ways that contribute to the safety of the town and building a stronger future”.

The Town of Edson is pleased to work with our community partners on these types of important projects. This falls in line with Town Council’s Strategic Priority Pillar of providing opportunities for a lifestyle that is happy, healthy and safe.

The pedestrian crossing lights are powered by solar panels/batteries. They are user-activated and installed at 7 locations throughout town.

  • Edson Drive, Just north of 48th Street, trail crossing
  • Edson Drive and 16th Ave, crosswalk
  • 13th Ave and Westhaven Drive, crosswalk
  • 3rd Ave and 56th Street, day care crosswalk
  • 6th Ave, just east of 42nd Street, trail crossing
  • 6th Ave and 40th Street, traffic circle, west side
  • 6th Ave and 40th Street, traffic circle, south side