Photo Enforcement

Photo Enforcement

Posted on February 22nd, 2019

Edson, Alberta, February 22nd, 2019 – The Town of Edson is committed to working within the newly announced guideline changes to photo enforcement in the Province to keep our streets safe.

Director of Protective Services Alan Schram says the Town of Edson is awaiting more details on the proposed guidelines updates, but feels clarifying distances from transition zones is a very positive step. “Our current photo enforcement locations are selected in conjunction with the RCMP and are based on a combination of any of four main elements.”

Those elements are:

  • High Risk Locations - Where the safety of citizens or police officers would be a risk through conventional enforcement methods
  • High Frequency Locations - Where motorists are ignoring or breaking traffic laws on an on-going basis
  • High Collision Locations - Where there is a greater frequency of property damage, injury or fatal collisions
  • High Pedestrian Volume Locations - Where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic

Safety is the Town of Edson’s number one priority when it comes to photo enforcement.  Schram says it’s just one tool in the toolbox, but it has made an impact. “We have seen the effects of photo enforcement in our community. From its inception, the number of photo radar tickets given out to local residents has dropped from about 25% to around 15% of the total tickets. This shows our residents are getting the message when it comes to reducing speed in the community.”

Photo Enforcement locations are published weekly in the local newspaper, as well as listed monthly on the Town of Edson’s website. Schram says communications of the locations is one thing they plan on improving in the coming months. “While we do post the locations currently, we’re hoping to make that more visible to the public, along with the reasons each location is chosen. We want to be transparent in the process.

Photo enforcement revenue is split between the contractor, municipality, and the Province/Victims of Crime Fund. The Town of Edson’s portion is put 100% towards the cost of policing in the community, as well as a few safety programs such as the speed indicator signs located around town.

For more details on Edson’s photo enforcement program please go to our website.