Photo Enforcement Update

Photo Enforcement Update

Posted on November 26th, 2019

The Town of Edson will be status quo for now with the photo enforcement program. 

The Provincial Government has announced a temporary freeze on new photo radar devices and locations while it reviews the program across Alberta.

The Town of Edson’s goal with the photo enforcement program is to reduce speeding in areas of concern.

General Manager of Community and Protective Services Guy Latour says the speeding problems we face in Edson are unique.  “We have residential, commercial and industrial zones along the highway with no service roads. There are also locations where multiple lanes of one-way traffic merge with opposite direction traffic with no median and limited visibility due to hills and curves. This makes the area hazardous at high speeds and dangerous for regular traffic enforcement.”

Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara says they have been monitoring the program closely. “Council understands the importance of this program for the Town of Edson and have directed administration to ensure a high level of service in school zones as well.”

All details on program are available on the Town’s website, including location details, schedules, risk assessments, and revenue split.

The Town of Edson looks forward to participating in the consultation process and working with the province in a collaborative manner to ensure public safety remains the focus of the program.