Playgrounds / Sports UPDATED

Playgrounds / Sports UPDATED

Posted on May 07th, 2020

Updated May 7, 2020

As the weather warms up and we start to see more people out on the trails and in the parks, The Town of Edson would like to remind everyone of some proper etiquette and regulations for enjoying our outdoor spaces.

While Town playgrounds are open to the public at this time, it’s important to remember proper hygiene and distancing to ensure it remains as safe as possible. Please wash/sanitize your hands (and your child’s hands) prior to, and after using the equipment. Remember to keep the appropriate physical distancing and limit gatherings to 10 or less. The mass gathering limits are set to be expanded to provincial numbers (15) on May 14th as part of the Edson Municipal Relaunch Strategy.

As these gathering numbers increase, we’ve had a lot of questions regarding sports. Currently there are restrictions on organized league play on outdoor fields. However, passive play is allowed as long as mass gathering/physical distancing rules are maintained. For example, tossing a frisbee with family or a cohort family, tossing a ball around, etc. We also recommend limiting/increased cleaning of shared touch items (balls, equipment) and adjusting the rules to keep in line with the public health orders currently in place.

The Emergency Coordination Centre meets regularly to discuss the current situation and will continue to review Provincial orders and recommendations and open/close spaces as required. Our goal is to keep outdoor spaces open and active as long as it’s safe to do so. This will depend on compliance with the public health orders and Provincial mandates.


April 27th, 2020

The Town of Edson would like to thank residents that have been following the mass gathering rules and Provincial Health Orders. Crews are actively patrolling these spaces to ensure compliance with COVID-19 health regulations. While most groups were in compliance through the weekend, there were a few instances where crowds became a bit too large, particularly at the skate park.

That being said, a majority of users were very respectful when approached by town staff about dispersing. And no further issues were reported through the rest of the weekend.

A reminder that mass gathering rules in the Town of Edson are limited to 10 or less people. There CAN be more than one gathering in large parks as long as proper physical distancing is taking place within the groups and the gatherings are spread out. 

According to the Province, you should limit outdoor activities to as small a group as possible. Outdoor activities with people outside your household or cohort family can proceed as long as people are physically distanced, there is no contact with frequently touched objects or surfaces and, in the Town of Edson, there are fewer than 10 people.

With this said, The Town of Edson strongly discourages activities like basketball and other sporting events where close contact and frequently touched objects are in play. We are encouraging use of outdoor spaces, but the types of usages may change based on the changing health guidelines.

We are working hard to keep these spaces open for public use, however, if problems persist and we find that guidelines are not being followed, this could change.


Updated April 17, 2020


Town of Edson maintained Parks and Playgrounds remain open at this time.

Our municipality looks to the Alberta Health experts as our primary source for making COVID-19 decisions.

They have deemed municipal playgrounds and parks as acceptable risks to safety and can currently remain open. We believe keeping the playgrounds and parks open is critical to the mental health of the community. As long as the Province deems them safe, we are going to make every effort to keep our parks and playgrounds open.

However, keeping the playgrounds and parks open is contingent on our citizens respecting and following all the COVID-19 rules and regulations. This includes maintaining physical distancing and group size restriction.

As the weather gets better, we are asking our citizens to respect and follow these rules so we can keep our playgrounds and parks open for use.

Failure to follow these restrictions will result in playground and park closures.

To ensure our community is following these restrictions and to ensure playgrounds are safe, you will see an increased presence of town staff visiting and monitoring parks stating this weekend.

Provincial recommendations are to clean your and your child's hands with hand sanitizer before and at the end of your playground visit and immediately washing your and your child's hands with warm soapy water when you get home.

Please help us to ensure these valuable resources are available for the community to use during this Public Health Emergency