Repsol Place Closure / Outdoor Update

Repsol Place Closure / Outdoor Update

Posted on December 12th, 2020

Repsol Place will be closed to the public starting tomorrow morning (Sunday, Dec 13th, 2020). Due to the new Provincial Restrictions, Repsol Place will be closed until the new measures are lifted.

Unfortunately, this does mean the temporary layoff of part-time staff at Repsol Place.

The Town of Edson is awaiting a decision from the Province on the potential to continue family rentals at the facility. If approval is granted, Repsol Place would reopen and staff could be recalled.

As well, a general reminder about outdoor spaces in the Town of Edson. While the outdoor rinks have been temporarily closed, outdoor spaces like Willmore Park, the town trail systems, and park spaces remain open. We encourage people to continue to use these spaces responsibly by keeping distance with anyone outside of your household cohorts, don’t go out while sick, and refraining from any type of social gatherings.


COVID-19 case numbers in the Town of Edson are continuing to rise and, as of December 11th, 2020, we have 91 confirmed active cases in our community.

We are reminding everyone with flu-like symptoms to follow the guidelines set out by the Province of Alberta regarding testing and self-isolation. Please continue to physically distance, use proper handwashing techniques, and wear a mask in public spaces.