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Repsol Place - Kindness

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We are all tired, but let’s also be KIND

After over 20 months of living with a lot of unknowns, we’re all a little tired. But please continue to treat each other, and our staff with respect.

Masking is mandatory in all public indoor facilities.

Masks must be worn unless actively engaged in physical activity, under 2 years old, or have a medical exemption.

Masking is not open to personal preference and disrespectful conduct towards staff on this, or any other matter, will not be tolerated.

The REP program is also in effect at Repsol Place. This includes the requirement for QR codes on your proof of vaccination, as well as ID for anyone 18 and older.

Proof of vaccination is NOT required for anyone under 18 that is actively participating in youth programming. It IS required for anyone 18+, as well as those 12-17 that are NOT participating in youth programs at the time. Recent negative tests and valid medical exemption letters are also accepted.

We often get asked why REP? or why can’t we just do 1/3 capacity?

Without the Restriction Exemption Program, Repsol Place would not be able to run ANY adult programming under the Provincial restrictions. This would exclude a large portion of the users from participating in any activities. And without adult programming revenue, youth programming could also be at risk. REP allows us to maintain programming and allows the option of proof of vaccination, negative tests, or a valid medical exemption.

Please note - There is zero tolerance for abuse of staff. This could result in loss of ice/pool time for your affiliated user group.

Please review the Provincial restrictions at https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-public-health-actions.aspx, as well as our Code of Conduct at www.edson.ca/repsol-place.

THANK YOU to the majority of guests who remain respectful of the masking and REP requirements as we continue to work within the Provincial guidelines to keep our facility open and programming running for our community.