Request for Qualification (water/sewer)

Request for Qualification (water/sewer)

Posted on December 11th, 2015

Edson, Alberta, December 11th, 2015 – Developers could soon have more options when it comes to contractors for work on Town services.

The Town of Edson is now accepting submissions from Contractors that are interested in pre-qualifying for the provision of water/sewer installation services within the Town of Edson. The Town will then provide the developer with an approved list of Contractors to complete the install.

The scope of services to be provided either to the Town or developers include:

  • Availability to provide developers and homeowners the requested services as specified in the Town’s “Application for Water and Wastewater Installation”. Costs associated with the install requests are to be determined between the Contractor and the developer.  The Town’s application form is to be used as a guide; any costs associated with the form are for the Town to hold as securities to ensure that work is undertaken as per established standards;
  • Chlorine neutralization products are to be used when potable water is released to the environment;
  • Commissioning of the service install; and
  • Restoration of the area(s) disturbed by the excavation.

Council approved this new process at a recent meeting and were very supportive of opening up more options for developers to use different contractors, while still ensuring the integrity and safety of the Town’s infrastructure.
Those interested in pre-qualification can find the forms at the Town Office or online at