Road Construction Update

Road construction season is upon us, and so are the closures and other issues that are associated with it.

The Town of Edson is aware of the concerns surrounding the gravelled roads in areas where deep utility work was completed in 2016. Our general process following deep utility work, where the road is dug up to that extent, is to leave the area unpaved for a season to compact prior to paving taking place.  The Town of Edson is now awaiting our paving contractor to commence work on those areas. It’s expected they will be in Town around July 15 and will be done by about July 27, 2017.

There has also been concern expressed regarding some gravelled roads that have had the shoulders pulled recently. This was necessary to improve the road without full reconstruction, help fix drainage issues, and to reclaim some gravel and material from the ditch. Work on those roads will continue, however, there will be some issues until the material settles. This will be especially evident after rainfall. The weather this spring has been very hard on many unpaved roads in the area, but the Town of Edson is committed to continuing to improve and maintain these roadways. Crews will be out as necessary to help alleviate the concerns. Thank you for your patience.