Road Shoulder Pulls

Road Shoulder Pulls

Posted on June 02nd, 2017

Shoulder Pulls are underway on some gravel roads in the Edson area.

The purpose of shoulder pulls are to;

  • save the integrity and structure of the road without having to do a full reconstruction
  • bring the road to the desired width and to improve drainage
  • reclaim some of the gravel material from the ditches and packing the material into the road surface
  • Ditch drainage will be improved and the crown will be brought back to the road surface

Unfortunately, you may experience unavoidable inconveniences as a result of this road construction. Road closures, detours, slower moving traffic, some debris on the roads for s short while, and rougher road conditions to start. Please slow down and use caution when driving through these areas. The road may look narrow as the pushed sections are brought back to the proper width. You may also notice sod chunks and other debris. These will break down in the first few days. Thank you for your patience.