Skyview Drainage Work Update

Skyview Drainage Work Update

Posted on September 17th, 2020

We’ve had some recent concerns raised regarding drainage work being done in Skyview area.

The Skyview area contains a natural spring that puts a high flow rate of water through the drainage system, year-round. The drainage system was not sufficient to handle the volume, so crews have been working on improving the system over the last two seasons.  A part of that work includes the drainage ditch located north of Poplar Place. The drainage ditch depth, width, and height of the shoulders have been increased to better contain the water.

There are a number of challenges with the small section that transitions from Skyview to Poplar Place. A lack of surface contours is causing stagnation of water flow and widespread ground saturation. There are also buried utilities in the area.

Recent weather conditions have provided the best opportunity in two seasons to get in to work in the area. Crews started construction on Tuesday morning. The first action was to remove the surface vegetation and establish positive water flow. This will allow the area to dry up and provide better stabilization on the surface necessary for equipment operation. Particular attention is being given to preventing damage to adjacent properties.

The next step is to return to the area once the moisture disperses, and to install shoulders on the drainage ditch capable of containing the water and finish landscaping for aesthetics.

Further questions can be directed to Public Works at 780-723-6461.