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Snow Removal Concerns

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Snow removal crews continue to work hard on residential street clearing. Staff have been working overtime since before Christmas and contractors have also been engaged to assist in the process. Staff is also being borrowed from other operational areas to build up capacity. With this extra manpower, a second shift may be added to help the process move along.

Normal ‘snow-on-ground’ levels for January range from approximately 22-25cm. So far this January, the ‘snow-on-ground’ levels have ranged from 50-60cm (https://edson.weatherstats.ca/charts/snow_on_ground-daily.html). The shear volume of snow, combined with the type of snow it’s been, extreme shifts in temperatures, and equipment breakdowns has led to delays and understandable frustrations. We have heard these concerns and are working to mitigate them as best we can, with the staffing levels and equipment we have on hand.

Snow removal on the highway is also taking place to help reduce flooding concerns. As well, with contractor assistance, the operations team is working on a plan to mitigate some issues with alleys. This is outside of our normal workflow, but crews hope to be able to assist in that area as long as resources are available.

While we understand the frustrations, this has been an abnormal winter for snow and temperature shifts, and we appreciate your patience while crews continue to work through the snow removal process. We aim to keep everyone apprised of snow removal operations as they happen. For more information on snow removal, please visit our website at www.edson.ca/snow.

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