Snow Removal Update and FAQs - Feb 8/18

Snow Removal Update and FAQs - Feb 8/18

Posted on February 08th, 2018

Please be advised snow removal crews will be starting 10 hour days starting Friday, Feb 9/18, and working through the weekend. Once priority routes are done, they will be starting in Glenwood residential areas and working their way East. Residents are advised to watch for signage and remove vehicles from the streets where work is taking place. If all goes well, residential work in Glenwood and West Grove will begin over the weekend. We’ll post updates as they become available.


Frequently Asked Questions

With the recent snowfall there have been a lot of questions regarding the snow removal process in Edson.  The Town of Edson’s main goal is to keep emergency access routes clear, keeping the streets as safe as possible for travel, and working with our residents to allow for a fast and efficient snow removal process. The following is a list of some of our recent frequently asked questions.

Why is there a windrow in the middle of the road/why is the snow not being pushed to the side anymore?

There has been a change in process to the way snow is removed from our streets. In the past, snow was pushed to the side. Now, snow is being windrowed to allow streets to be opened up faster, and so the snow can be removed from the street and not piled on the side, reducing the parking/driving space. If you see a windrow on your road, please do not park along that street as crews will be through to remove that snow. Vehicles can greatly impede that process and the windrows will take longer to remove from the streets. In most cases the windrow will be broken up to allow access to intersections. Until that has been done, please go around the windrowed areas.

Why have some residential streets not been cleared yet?

With the amount of snow we have received over the past few weeks, crews have been working hard to keep the priority routes clear for emergency vehicles, as well as working around the schools and the hospital to ensure public safety. If it snows again after those routes are cleared, they must start again to keep those routes open.  Once priority routes are complete, then crews can assess and move into residential areas. See the priority map at

How are the priority routes determined?

The priorities have been set based on emergency vehicle access, bussing routes, downtown parking, and residential access. 49th Street and 6th Avenue are always done first to open up the town to emergency vehicles. Once priority routes are cleared, main residential streets are opened up to allow at least one main plowed road in each area before clearing out the side streets.

Why does it take so long to clear the streets in Edson?

The Town of Edson has 8 staff members dedicated to snow removal at any given time, as well as 8 pieces of equipment including 2 graders, a blower, loader, and tandem trucks. Crews must maintain priority routes before moving into residential neighbourhoods.  This can take time if there are multiple heavy snowfalls like we’ve seen this past week. The Town of Edson has around 116 km of roads to maintain, most of which requires the snow to be removed from the road, rather than pushed to the side.

What is the process for hauling snow Downtown?

The Downtown core is normally done two days following a snowfall, or on a Tuesday if the snowfall is on a weekend. This is done to allow time for store owners to clear their sidewalks onto the street so it can be picked up at the same time the streets are done. This is the one area where depositing snow on the streets is allowed as there is nowhere else for that snow to go.


For more frequently asked questions, as well as a downloadable version of the priority map, please visit our website at

If you have further questions/concerns please contact Public Works at 780-723-6461.