Special Meeting Council Notes / Video

Council Notes - October 11th, 2017 Special Meeting of Council

Offer to Purchase the Edson Recreation Complex. A Public Hearing was held prior to the vote on the negotiated sales agreement for the purchase of the Edson and District Recreation Complex. During the public hearing, a letter was submitted from the potential buyer, outlining his intents to run the facility as a golf/curling club and events centre, along with some background information about his current business ventures. There were numerous submissions from the public in attendance ranging from concerns over the selling price, the timing of the deal, and current condition of the building. Council was also informed of two other letters of intent regarding potential offers from the Golf Club and another interested party. Following the public hearing, Council voted unanimously against the motion to accept the deal, and any future decisions on the matter will be brought forward following the October 16th election.

Video of the meeting can be found below

Next meetings - The October 17th Council Meeting and October 24th Committee of the Whole Meeting are both CANCELLED. The next Council meeting will be October 24th, 2017 at 7:30 pm, which will also include an Organizational Meeting and the swearing in of the new Council.


Video from the October 11th, 2017 Special Meeting of Council dealing with the potential sale of the Edson and District Recreation Complex.

First Half Video

Second Half Video