Statement re: Sanding Concerns

Statement re: Sanding Concerns

Posted on November 04th, 2019

The Town of Edson has heard concerns regarding the extremely icy conditions this morning, particularly in the school zone areas.

The Town of Edson is guided by Councils Strategic Plan. That plan includes "Building a Customer Service Model to create consistent excellence in our customer service provision throughout the organization." This morning, we did not achieve that goal.

Our goal is to be more proactive with sanding during these types of conditions, however, crews did not get to the school zones prior to buses and students arriving for the day.

While it is impossible for the Town of Edson to sand every street before the day starts for the public, it is expected priority areas such as school zones to be taken care of in a timely manner.

This issue is being addressed and plans developed to ensure a timelier response to these areas of Town.

To read Councils Strategic Plan visit: