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Street Debris / Snow Removal

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Help us keep our snow removal moving! Keep debris off the streets.
Over the past 2 weeks, snow removal crews have been hampered by a large amount of debris on the roads. This has damaged equipment and slowed snow removal/clearing progress. Items like heavy duty wrenches, large chains, lumber, ratchet straps and other tools have been picked up by our crews and/or found their way into our equipment. One snowblower is currently damaged, costing both staff time and money for repairs, as well as the cost for rental equipment.
We ask that residents please secure loads on their vehicles and ensure that your tools/equipment stay off the streets. If you notice something on the street that could damage equipment, please move it off the road or call Public Works at 780-723-6461 to have it removed.
Other ways to help out:
  • Shovel sidewalk snow onto the boulevard or your property and keep it off the streets.
  • Keep vehicles off the street when snow removal crews are moving through your area. This includes all priority routes immediately after any major snowfall.
  • Please use caution around our equipment. Do not pass snow removal equipment when they are working and choose alternate routes when possible.
  • Drive for the conditions. Crews are working hard to ensure main roads are clear for emergency access throughout the community. Sometimes it takes time to get to residential streets, especially following large scale snow events. Please drive with caution and take the quickest route to cleared streets wherever possible.
For more information on our snow removal policies and procedures, as well as a list of frequently asked questions, please visit our website at www.edson.ca/snow.