SURVEY - Edson Yellowhead County IDP Update and Survey

SURVEY - Edson Yellowhead County IDP Update and Survey

Posted on March 29th, 2017

Edson Urban Fringe Planning Now Underway   

Updated IDP will guide future growth in area between Edson and County

Edson, Alberta, March 29th, 2017 – The Town of Edson and Yellowhead County have begun work on updating the Edson Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) for the area surrounding Edson and will be hosting open houses and have a short survey to gather residents’ input.

The Intermunicipal Development Plan is an agreement between the two municipalities and defines what will be allowed for future development in the area where the two municipalities meet, known as the Edson Fringe area. The resulting plan will be used to guide future growth and development within this area and along the future highway Edson bypass.

“We have a great opportunity to consider again how we can best plan for the fringe area and take advantage of the bypass in a way that will benefit both communities,” says Edson Mayor Greg Pasychny.

By initiating the update of this plan, the two municipalities recognize that growth must continue to be properly planned and managed so that municipal infrastructure and other investments can be managed.

“Through public input, landowners in this area will be able to let their councils know how they would like to see future growth develop in this area and what changes might be needed to accommodate that growth,” says Yellowhead County Mayor Gerald Soroka.

The current plan was approved in 2007 and is due to be updated to reflect ever-changing conditions. The IDP looks at the needs of both municipalities to help provide a variety of business opportunities and lifestyle options. The current plan, which the new plan will be based on, is available on both the Town and County’s websites.

Some of the factors that the IDP will consider are long-term water supply sources, logical annexation areas, the potential for extending municipal services to allow for new growth, the impact of the many sour gas lines in the region on development, and a closer look at a highway development beautification strategy.

Two open houses will be held to hear from both Town and County ratepayers. The first open house will be in May and will be an opportunity for interested area residents, landowners, and businesses to provide direct input to the planning process. The second open house will be held early in September to present a draft of the updated IDP. The first open house will be Wednesday, May 17 at the Galloway Museum. The survey is available at or on both municipalities’ websites.

Lovatt Planning Consultants and Al‐terra Engineering have been hired to prepare the plan under the direction of a steering committee. The plan will be completed by September.

Affected landowners will be contacted directly and encouraged to provide their ideas and concerns. For more information, contact Ann Dechambeau at the Town Office at (780) 723‐4401 or Brent Shepherd at the County Office at (780) 723-4800 or send an e‐mail to Olga Lovatt, Lovatt Planning Consultants at