Temporary Outdoor Patio Dining Info

Temporary Outdoor Patio Dining Info

Posted on April 08th, 2021

As the Province of Alberta's new mandatory restrictions come into effect on Friday, April 9th, 2021 there are many questions regarding the allowance of patios from a Land Use perspective.
For any restaurant, regardless of zoning district, you are allowed to have a non-permanent patio without needing approval/development permit application from the Town. This includes restaurants in the downtown core who would be placing tables and chairs on the sidewalks (public area) as well as restaurants that want to place in parking lots or areas on their lot.
Town regulations regarding non-permanent patios:

  1. All tables, chairs and any other items (fences) must be taken in every night; no furniture or fixtures are to remain outside while the business is closed. Area to be cleaned before closing, especially sidewalks.
  2. For patio’s located on sidewalks in front of your business, please be respectful of space and leave sufficient room for pedestrian traffic.
  3. It is the onus of the business owner to make sure they are following all Provincial regulations and restrictions in regards to cleanliness, the serving of alcohol and Covid-19 mandatory restrictions. Please contact both Alberta Health Services and Alberta Liquor Gaming and Cannabis for any applicable regulations that must be followed.

Please direct questions regarding provincial regulations to the appropriate Provincial Department.

Any land use/development questions please contact the Town of Edson’s Development Officer at: 780-723-4402 ext:121

PROVINCE OF ALBERTA – Mandatory restrictions – Provincewide – Revised April 9

Effective April 9 at noon, in-person service is not permitted indoors. Restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and cafes can open for outdoor patio dining, takeout, curbside pickup and delivery only.

Patio seating must be limited to a maximum of 6 people per table – individuals must be from the same household or the 2 close contacts for a person living alone.

Tables and dining parties must be 2 metres apart or separated by an impermeable barrier that will prevent droplet transmission.

Individuals must stay seated with their dining party unless using the washroom, paying, or entering/exiting the facility. Masks must be worn indoors.

Contact information must be collected from one person of the dining party.

Liquor service ends at 10 pm.

Patio dining must close by 11 pm.

No entertainment allowed (VLTs, pool tables, live music, etc.).