Vision Park Well and Washroom Building

Vision Park Well and Washroom Building

Posted on March 31st, 2021

A new Well and Washroom Facility is coming to Vision Park.

The Town of Edson has received approval from the Government of Alberta to use $1.1 Million in Federal Gas Tax Funds for the project.

Federal Gas Tax funds are distributed to provincial governments which allocate the funds to all municipalities. This funding, along with the $300,000 contribution from The Trans Mountain Expansion Project, will ensure the project moves ahead this year. The treatment facility will allow the town to tie-in a high producing water well on the east end of Edson, improving water security for east-end residents and major consumers including the local mill and hospital. It will also provide washrooms and a tournament central building for Adult Slo-pitch, Minor Ball and other users at Vision Park. 

Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara says this project fulfills some important strategic priorities for Town Council. “Those priorities include ensuring a vibrant and healthy community and addressing our water needs in a financial and environmentally sustainable way.  Vision Park is an important asset in our community, and this is an important piece of a larger plan to revitalize the ball facility.”

MLA Martin Long is also excited for the project to move forward. “Edson has taken a creative and innovative approach by combining two facilities into one, enhancing what the community can provide to its residents. This project will create much needed construction jobs and provide opportunities for the community to once again host major ball tournaments which will bring economic spin-offs to the community.” 

The total project is budgeted to cost $1.9 Million with construction expected to begin in early June 2021 with completion expected before summer 2022.