Water Update - Reservoir Impact

Water Update - Reservoir Impact

Posted on May 02nd, 2018

Repairs are underway on the steel reservoir that was damaged this winter. It’s expected the work will be completed late this month/early June. Until the reservoir repairs are completed, conservation measures are being taken to ensure an adequate supply for emergencies. The Spray Park, which normally opens around May Long Weekend, will be delayed until the repairs are complete. The same goes for the potable water truck fill and the potable water fill at the sani-dump.

The Town of Edson Public Works crews are also chipping in by using water from a decommissioned well for operations for the time being, and reducing water use where necessary.

You may also notice no hanging baskets on Main Street this year as a more water-friendly (potted plants) option is being utilized on a trial basis.

Residents are also being asked to stick to the odd/even water schedule throughout the spring and summer. This means residents with a house number that ends in an odd number would water on odd days, and residents with an even house number would water on even days.

There is no current risk or shortfall, but the Town wants to take these measures to ensure we keep an adequate supply in the event of a fire emergency. The Edson Fire department also has contingency plans in place with our partners to ensure proper supplies if a large-scale emergency were to happen.