Weed Control Notice - Spraying

Please be advised the Town of Edson will be spraying for weeds starting next week (May 28th, 2018) Crews will be starting at Vision Park and moving to other park and trail locations through town. Please keep off the sprayed areas, especially pets and small children, as the herbicide takes about 8-10 hours to dry completely.

The turf herbicide we will be spraying is called Nufarm Trillion. It is designed to control noxious weeds that we are mandated to control. It will be mixed at a ratio as to not harm the turf or trees. We will only be spraying public parks and some trail areas that are showing signs of weed infestation. The spraying will be completed either by hand spot spraying or UTV mounted spray booms that are located quite low to the ground surface as to ensure there is no drift. Green Oasis signs will be placed where the spraying has occurred.