Business Licences

Changes and Clarifications to our Business Licensing

Town Council have approved the first major update to the Business Licence Bylaw since 2006. That being said, we thought to highlight and as-well clarify on a few new changes to our Business Licensing.

For Renewal Businesses:

  • Following a review and comparison of fees from similar sized municipalities, the fee structure has been adjusted and the 50% 'early bird discount' has been repealed.
  • In an effort to reduce paper waste, the Town of Edson will not be issuing new Business Licence Certificates for existing business licence holders in favor of placing 2023 stickers over previous years sticker on the certificate. If an existing licence holder wishes to have a new Certificate printed for any reason, a $10 fee will be applied. Please note: For new business owners making application for a license the certificate is included in the application fee and will be issued upon application approval.

For New Businesses:

  • Pro-rated Fees: We will be introducing a pro-rating system, whereby Business Licence Fees for new businesses will be adjusted and paid in quarter in which the application has been made. As seen in the table below:
Quarter Fee applied
January 1 - March 30 100% of the fee
April 1 - June 30 75% of the fee
July 1 - September 30 50% of the fee
October 1 - December 31 25% of the fee

For both New and Renewal Businesses

  • New Business Types: We will be introducing two new Business Licence Types, the Seasonal Business Licence and the Temporary Business Licence. A Seasonal Business refers to a business providing goods or services within a certain season in the year, whereas, a Temporary Business would only be limited to a full week. Please note: a Seasonal Business must not exceed 4 consecutive months of operation and can only be obtained once a year. Also, a Temporary Business must not exceed seven (7) consecutive days of operation and will as-well only be obtained once a year.

New Businesses

Welcome to Edson! We wish you and your business every success here. If you’re looking for contacts and resources to help your business, please contact our helpful Economic Development Staff. 

Depending on the type of business and your location, you may also need a municipal development permit or other municipal, provincial and federal authorizations. Follow the steps in BizPaL for a complete list.

The Town of Edson is pleased to welcome new businesses to our community. For Commercial Storefronts ONLY, the Town would like to recognize your business through a Grand Opening ceremony. Click on the following LINK for more information on the program.

Why do I need a Business Licence?

The Government of Alberta, through the Municipal Government Act, provides municipalities with the authority to establish a system of licensing for businesses, business activities and persons engaged in business. Business licensing bylaws are enacted to protect public health and safety, and a Business Licence serves as a confirmation that a business complies with local laws and regulations.

All businesses operating within the Town of Edson are required to obtain a Business Licence as per our Business Licence Bylaw 2280, as amended. This also includes fee exempt businesses and businesses that are not from Edson but performing work within Edson (non-resident businesses).

  1. Before applying for a Business Licence, your business would need to first be registered through the province. To do so, contact our local Alberta Registries - 'Yellowhead Registries' on 4813 4 Ave, Edson, AB T7E 1N8 or call at 780-723-6666.
  2. Once you have registered your business, please fill out the appropriate Business Licence Form, submit a fillable PDF form to (please find forms below)
  3. We will review your application and contact you once that's all done and then proceed to payment.
  4. If for any reason it is observed that you need more than just a Business Licence, such as, a development permit. Then we would make the necessary referrals to make sure you get your Business Licence Certificate.
  5. In the event that you have been invoiced for your Business Licence, you can pay the fee either online by clicking the following LINK or in person at the Civic Centre at 605 50 St, Edson, AB T7E 1T7
  6. Lastly, if for any reason you are closing down your business (even if temporarily) do get in touch and fill out our Cancellation Form.

Once your application and fee are received, you will receive a Business Licence Certificate either via mail or here at the Civic Center for pick-up. It is required that the Business Licence Certificate be displayed in a prominent location, visible to members of the public and to anyone conducting an inspection.

Fee Exemptions are a mandate that come from Provincial and/or Federal Acts / Statutes, allowing for certain registered members of particular industries and/or professions to wave the requirement for being charged a Business Licence fee. Please note that these previously mentioned Acts / Statutes override municipal bylaws and policies. To that end, a Business Licence fee is not required for the following mandated industries / professions:

  • a Charitable or Non-Profit Organization;
  • a Business for which the activities are carried out with a Farmer’s Market association;
  • a dentist who is registered with the Alberta Dental Association & College;
  • a barrister or solicitor as registered under the Law Society of Alberta; and
  • any other Business which is excluded from the requirements of this Bylaw by an Act of the Legislature or other Provincial Statute including, but not limited to the following:
  1. Pharmacy and Drug Act,
  2. Health Professions Act (must be a regulated health provider in health care),
  3. Chartered Professional Accountants Act (must be registered as a member of the CPAA),
  4. Insurance Act (must hold a valid and subsisting licence under the Insurance Act),
  5. Architect Act (must be a registered architect),
  6. Land Surveyors Act (must be a registered Alberta land surveyor), and
  7. Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (must be a registered professional member, licensee, permit holder, certificate holder or member-in-training under the Act).

Any Business qualifying for a fee exemption must still apply for and obtain a Business Licence unless specifically exempted from doing so under the provisions of any other applicable legislation. It is your responsibility to determine if your business is fee exempt, with the onus on you in proving your exemption.

If you reside in the Town of Edson and you are self-employed, you will require a Business Licence for your Home Based Business. Please find the application: HERE

All businesses operating within the Town of Edson are required to obtain a Business Licence as per our Business Licence Bylaw 2280, as amended. Please find the application: HERE


New Business Licences - We are introducing a pro-rated fee structure to a yearly quarter, in which a new Business Licence is being paid.

Jan 1 - March 30 April 1 - June 30 July 1 - September 30 October 1 - December 31
New Resident Business Licence $100 $75 $50 $25
New Non-Resident Business Licence $200 $150 $100 $50

Business Licence Renewals - Renewals must be paid at the beginning of each calendar year, between January 1 to February 15 

Resident Renewal Business $100
Non-Resident Renewal Business $200

New Business Licence Types - Seasonal and Temporary Business Licences were introduced to recognize a unique business class

Fee Exempt Business  Free
(1) Temporary Business Licence  $25
(2) Seasonal Business Licence  $50

(1) The operation of a Temporary Business must not exceed 7 consecutive days.

(2) The operation of a Seasonal Business must not exceed 4 consecutive months.

Administrative Changes

Business Licence Amendment  Free
Business Licence Transfer  50% of the pro-rated fee
Business Licence Certificate Replacement  $10


PDF Forms

Free Business Directory Listing

When signing up for a Business License you will also have the choice to join our online Business Directory providing your business with FREE advertising. The business directory listing opportunity is only available to businesses with a valid Edson Business Licence or those businesses legally allowed an exception

Click on the following LINK to access our Business Directory

Canceling your Business Licence

To prevent the Town from mistakenly charging your account late payments fees and to unnecessarily send you a statement of payment for an unpaid Business Licence, please fill out the form below and email it to in the event that you are closing down your business.