Enforcement Services

Edson Enforcement Services is comprised of both Bylaw Enforcement Officers and Community Peace Officers. The team helps ensure resident and visitor safety and wellbeing. The department investigates complaints and proactively conducts investigations related to municipal bylaws, and provincial statutes.

Enforcement Services works collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies, municipal departments, provincial departments, non-profit organizations and others towards a safety community. 

Community Peace Officers are appointed under the Peace Officer Act by the Province of Alberta and work to enforce provincial legislation, including:

  • Animal Protection Act
  • Dangerous Dog Act
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act
  • Petty Trespass Act
  • Provincial Offences Procedures Act
  • Provincial Administrative Penalties Act
  • Tobacco, Smoking and Vaping Reduction Act
  • Traffic Safety Act
  • Trespass to Premises Act

To review the above legislation, please visit the Alberta Kings Printer

Bylaw Enforcement Officers are appointed under the Municipal Government Act and work to enforce municipal bylaws, such as:

  • Animal Control Bylaw
  • Business Licence Bylaw
  • Cannabis Bylaw
  • Community Standards Bylaw
  • False Alarm Bylaw
  • Fire Bylaw
  • Outdoor Burning Appliances Bylaw
  • Public Conduct Bylaw
  • Smoke Tree Town Facilities Bylaw
  • Traffic Bylaw
  • Waste Management Bylaw
  • Water and Sewer Services Bylaw

To review the frequently requested Bylaws of the Town of Edson, please visit our Bylaws & Policies page. 

It is important to note that Community Peace Officers and Bylaw Enforcement Officers do not investigate, or respond to Criminal Code matters. To report criminal actions within the Town of Edson, please contact the Edson Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). If there is an emergency, please call 911.

Edson Enforcement Services can be contacted a variety of ways, including:

Phone: 780-723-3178
Email: enforcement@edson.ca 
In person: Edson Protective Services Building at 4835 - 6th Avenue, Edson, Alberta.
Mail: Edson Protective Services, 605 50th Street, Box 6300, Edson, AB, T7E 1T7
Report-A-Problem: www.edson.ca/report.

When submitting a complaint to enforcement services, it is important to provide us with as much information as possible, including:

  • Your full name, address, and contact information
  • Type of concern with as much detail as possible
  • The date, time, and location as they pertain to the complaint
  • The action that you would like to see taken
  • Subject of Complaints name and address (if known)

Once Enforcement Services receives the above information, they will begin to address your concern. 

If an officer has not personally witnessed the infraction, you may be asked to provide a formal statement to be able to proceed with charges. Through this process, you will be asked if you are willing to testify in court as to what you witnessed. If there is insufficient evidence, we will not be able to proceed with charges. 

At the conclusion of the investigation, an officer will contact you to let you know the outcome of the complaint unless you have previously indicated you do not wish to receive any follow-up.


If you received a Municipal Violation Tag (Bylaw Tag) you can make payment the following ways:

  • In person at the Civic Centre, 605 50th Street, Edson, AB, T7E 1T7
  • By Mail to Civic Centre, 605 50th Street, Box 6300, Edson, AB, T7E 1T7
  • Online, by visiting Edson Online Payments


If you are issued a Provincial Summons (Part 2) in Edson, with a fine amount, you can pay your fine the following ways:

  • In person at any Provincial Court
  • Mailing your payment to Provincial Ticket Production Centre, 601 5th Street SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 5P7

If you are issued a Provincial Offence Notice (Part 3) in Edson, you can pay your fine the following ways:

If you wish to dispute your Provincial Violation Ticket, you can plea not guilty by following the instructions listed on your ticket, or you can visit: traffictickets.alberta.ca 

In all instances, it is important to fully read and understand your Provincial Violation Ticket. If you have questions on how to proceed with your Provincial Violation Ticket, you can go online to traffictickets.alberta.ca or you can call the Court and Justice Services at 1-855-738-4747, between 8:15 am, and 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays). Further, you may wish to seek legal advice. The Law Society of Alberta has a "find a lawyer" function on their website. 

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Below is a summary of Enforcement Services 2023 Calls for Service. 


Dog License Application Form

Temporary Road Closure Application Form

Edson Enforcement Services Annual Report 2023