Budget and Financial Statements

Budget 2024

Council has passed the 2024 Capital Budget and an Interim Operating Budget.

“One of the pillars of Council’s Strategic Plan is “Ensuring Quality Infrastructure”. Our 2024 Capital Budget focuses on that aspect as the Town works towards improving its stormwater and sewer systems to reduce flood risks and improve the quality of our roads and other infrastructure. We also recognize the major impact the floods and wildfires had on our operations, and Administration worked closely with Council on a budget that moves the community forward while ensuring fiscal responsibility.”

-Edson Mayor Kevin Zahara

Council has approved the 2024 Capital Budget with a focus on infrastructure improvements, repairs, and mitigating risks in the aftermath of the 2023 wildfires and flood. Several major projects addressing critical sanitary sewer and stormwater repairs in response to flooding in 2023, and past years, are included in this budget.  These repairs will commence as part of a coordinated multi-year response to resolve chronic infrastructure problems.  An additional focus of this budget is funding projects to meet Council’s commitment to providing the tools for maintenance of municipal infrastructure.

The 2024 Capital Budget includes twenty-one (21) new initiatives with an investment of $27,548,000.  It also includes $8,990,000 in capital projects carried forward from 2023. Some of those projects were delayed due to the emergencies and other challenges.  The approved budget is $36,538,000, funded 66.6% from grants, 31.7% from reserves, and 1.7% from cost-sharing agreements with Yellowhead County.

Council’s approval of an interim Operating Budget allows continued municipal operations into 2024 as well as includes operational initiatives incorporated into the draft budget. Over the next several months, Administration will work through the budget process with Council with the final budget being delivered in spring of 2024.

The full list of approved capital projects and items can be found below.


2024 Capital Budget: 2024 Capital Budget (Approved November 21, 2023)

To view the Media Release: 2024 Budget (Nov 22, 2023)

Budget Timeline

Here is an anticipated timeline for the passing of the 2024 Budget:

  • November 21, 2023 – Capital Budget adopted and Interim Operative Budget Passed by Council
  • February 2024 – 2024 Assessment Reviews
  • Early March 2024 –Administrative Review of 2024 Draft Operating Budget
  • Late March 2024 - Council Review of 2024 Draft Operating Budget
  • April 2024 - Presentation of final 2024 Operating Budget

2024 Budget Public Engagement

The 2024 Budget Public Engagement Tool is now closed.

Council was presented with the results of the survey on June 6th. The full report can be found below.

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