Infrastructure and Operations


Title Description

Recessed Curbs on Streets and Sidewalks

The Town institute a policy of building recessed curbs on any new sidewalk installation, so as to allow access for the handicapped.
Sidewalk, Curbs & Gutter Maintenance
This policy is to maintain designated sidewalks, curbs & gutters in such a manner as to minimize economic loss and inconvenience to the community. To prevent or reduce hazardous sidewalk, curb & gutter conditions which may cause accident or injury. To establish a guideline to be used by management and operating personnel to ensure an acceptable standard for sidewalk, curb & gutter maintenance.
Snow & Ice Control
The Town of Edson is committed to maintaining an operational transportation network within the municipal boundaries. The goal of this policy is to mitigate accidents or injury, caused by hazardous roadway conditions and to ensure the facilitation of emergency services. This policy will establish operational guidelines for Transportation personnel to utilize in the planning of snow & ice control.
Culvert Installation/ Maintenance
This policy is to establish the responsibility for culvert installation and maintenance.
Utility Service Agreement (O-T-6) This policy is to provide an agreement for the provision of utility services.
Unsightly/ Untidy Properties and Snow/Dirt/Debris Covered Sidewalks - Service Charge (O-T-7) This policy is to establish a minimum service charge and the total cost for the work of cleaning up unsightly/untidy properties or for the work of removal of snow, ice, dirt or debris from any sidewalk abutting the property.
Private Drainage Systems (O-T-8) This policy is to establish the responsibility for the construction and maintenance of a Private Drainage System to the property boundary and the responsibility for the removal of any blockage within the private drainage system including the Town-owned service pipe connecting to the town sewer main.
Permit to Operate Off Truck Route
This policy establishes the criteria for eligibility for a Town Approval Permit to operate a heavy vehicle off a truck route.
Edson & District Leisure Centre - Concession Operation (O-T-10) This policy establishes the procedure for the operation of the concession at the Edson & District Leisure Centre.
Arena - Tractor Gate
This policy ensures safety with respect to the use of the arena buidling.
Lease of Town Equipment (O-T-12) This policy set the standard for the lease of Town equipment.
Street Signs & Information Signs
The purpose of this policy is to maintain the repair and maintenance of regulatory, warning signs, information and guide signs. 
Sanitary Main-Service Maintenance - Policy
This policy establishes the responsibility for providing the residents of the Town of Edson with a safe and reliable method of disposing of wastewater by providing a free-flowing sanitary system. To provide preventative maintenance to sanitary mains and to identify sanitary main deficiencies prior to backup conditions.
Request for Pre-Qualification - Water & Wastewater installation - Policy (O-T-17) This policy establishes criteria and process for prequalifying private contractors prior to allowing work on Town water and/or wastewater service.

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