Edson Glenwood Cemetery

The Town of Edson owns two Cemeteries: the Edson Cemetery, and the Glenwood Cemetery.  *We only conduct burials in the Edson Glenwood Cemetery.*

The Edson Cemetery is located at SW 5-28-53-17 W5M and is retained as a public Cemetery although the Cemetery is not presently being used for interments.

The Edson Glenwood Cemetery is located on 63rd Street between Highway 16 West (4th Avenue) and Highway 16 East (2nd Avenue). The Cemetery has five Columbarium's and a Field of Honour is present in the North West section of the Cemetery. In 2004, Section H opened creating over 250 new Burial Plots.

The Corporate Services Division is responsible for the overall administration of graves and the Cemetery including the following:

  • Burial Plot Purchase 
  • Burial Plot Reservation 
  • Columbarium Niche Purchase 
  • Columbarium Niche Reservation
  • Interments for casket, columbarium, and cremation burials
  • Monument Permits 
  • Monument Permits for the Veterans Section
  • Grave location requests*
  • Deeds for Burial Plots
  • Refunds for Vacant Plots
  • Plot/Niche transfers 
  • Maintaining and Administration of all Cemetery records
  • Bylaw No. 2272 - Cemetery Bylaw

*Please Note: The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act does not allow making public burial information that is less than 25 years old.

*Please Note:  During winter months (Mid October to April 30) we require 3 full days notice of intention to inter in order to prepare a plot for casket interment and 2 full days to prepare for cremains interment. 

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Cemetery Administrator at (780) 723-4401 (Corporate Services) or egc@edson.ca  

You may also check out Cemetery lot information by visiting our Munisight Map

Cemetery Maintenance

The general maintenance of the Cemeteries is conducted by the Parks Department. In order to allow for proper mowing, maintenance and keeping the Cemetery attractive, clean and consistent with other Cemeteries, we ask all residents and visitors to follow the rules when it comes to items being placed on or around the grave sites.  More detailed rules can be found in the cemetery bylaw (linked above), but the following are some general guidelines;

  • Items that become tattered, torn, sun bleached, or in disrepair will be removed as per the Cemetery Bylaw to keep the cemetery peaceful and attractive. 
  • Items are not to be placed in green spaces to allow for proper mowing
  • Use of Shepard's hooks is allowed as long as they are mounted directly to the monument and not overhanging. They can be dangerous to staff if not placed properly. 
  • Vases are also allowed if mounted to the monument. 
  • Glass is NOT allowed.  Wind, hail, or even animals can break the items and create hazardous situations for staff and visitors. 

Cleanups are done multiple times a year and items that do not follow the guidelines are set aside for a time for families to pick up if they chose.