Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

In 2023, the Edson Forest Area near the town of Edson faced numerous forest fire threats with over 230,000 hectares being burnt. This natural disaster rallied the community, who came together to support each other in a life and death situation. Many people see the fact that everyone came together at this time as a tribute to the community spirit in Edson. While forest fires are devastating when close to communities, they are also a forest’s natural process of regeneration. This Economic Development Strategy is Edson’s starting point to regenerating its economy, one that has been stable, with little growth, but with a strong community spirit to build on.

The Town of Edson commissioned Deloitte to support the development of the Town’s first Economic Development Strategy. This 10-year strategy will highlight Edson’s economic competitive position and integrates economic diversification, helping to support a sustainable economic future for the town.

The object of our research, community engagement and strategic analysis was to identify new strategic directions and propose a series of actions to help drive new investment, job creation and wealth generation in the Town of Edson over the next 5-10 years.

Strategic Directions

The two strategic directions identified as a result of our strategic analysis and consultations were:

  • Supporting local businesses.
  • Laying the groundwork for investment readiness.

Action Plan Highlights

Support Local Businesses

  • Focus on business retention and expansion efforts
  • Support workforce attraction and retention efforts
  • Provide business programming targeting all stages of the business cycle
  • Develop partnerships to leverage a regional approach to tourism
  • Develop Edson as a regional hub for community and industry

Lay the Groundwork for Investment Readiness

  • Complete an internal investment readiness assessment
  • Establish an investment database and engagement plan
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