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Message from the CAO

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Message from the CAO

Effective 8:00 am on May 8, 2023, the evacuation order for the Town of Edson was officially lifted.

I want to welcome residents back to the community. Understandably, this has been a very trying and challenging time for everyone. However, I want to assure everyone that the Town of Edson is doing everything possible to streamline the re-entry process.

First, I want to thank everyone for their cooperation during the evacuation. We are thankful that no injuries were reported during the wildfire, and citizens can safely return home. I also want to express my sincerest gratitude not only Edson Fire Department but all Fire crews that supported us from all over the province, RCMP members, volunteers, and Town and County staff for their contributions at the ground level and the emergency operations centre, and for their efforts to re-establish normalcy in the community.

What to expect upon your return

Please refer to the Re-entry Booklet for important information on returning home. I’ve also outlined additional information below.

Edson Hospital: Currently, there is no emergency physician at the Edson Hospital. Until the ER can be staffed and opened, emergency responders will take anyone requiring care to Hinton. We hope to hear from Alberta Health Services today on the status of the hospital.

Water Ban: The water ban remains in effect. That means all outdoor water use is prohibited, bulk water hauling is suspended, grass watering is not allowed, spray park is closed, and all water conservation measures remain in place until further notice.

Waste Collection: Monday and Tuesday, organics will be collected on Tuesday, May 9th. The regularly scheduled collection will resume Wednesday, May 10th. Please visit www.edson.ca/residents/curbside-waste-collection for more information.

Sani Dump: Edson’s Sani-Dump is open. It’s located at 1st Avenue between 56th and 57th Street, west of the RCMP building.

Landfill: The Edson Landfill will return to regular operating hours on Tuesday May 8th. The existing wood products ban will remain in place until further notice.

Retail Services: We expect retail businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations to reopen soon. Please be prepared for a reduction in service until a full staff complement is in place.

Missing Pets: We recognize that pets may have been displaced during the evacuation order. We are gathering information on who to contact to claim or locate your pets. Please continue to visit our social media channels and website for updates on missing pets.

Insurance Claims: The Re-entry Booklet contains steps to submit claims to your insurance. If you have suffered property damage or injury and believe the Town may be responsible, please contact your auto or property insurance provider, where applicable. They should be your first call before contacting the Town and can assist with filing a claim and seeking a settlement from the Town where appropriate.

Filing a claim with your insurer first provides many benefits, including providing you with direct access to and control over the process. The basis for settlement, if any, may also be preferable through your property insurance policy than the Town’s liability insurance policy.

If you are unable or unwilling to submit a claim through your insurer and believe the damage may have resulted from the Town’s negligence, please complete a statement of damage/injury form and submit it to Legislative Services at legislativeservices@edson.ca, or PO Box 6300, 605 50 St, Edson AB, T7E 1T7.

Please note that it is your responsibility to provide the Town with evidence or proof of your loss, including witness names, photographs, location, damages, date and time, and any other information to assist the Town in the investigation.

It can take considerable time to complete an investigation for liability claims against the Town. Therefore, the Town cannot provide any advance guarantees that liability will be accepted in whole or in part or guidance on the value and basis of any settlement which may result.

Town Operations: While several Town staff were deployed to the emergency operations centre, we expect resumption of operations to return by Wednesday, May 10th.

Going Forward

On behalf of the Town of Edson administration and staff, I want to thank residents for their patience and understanding. As neighbours and friends, it’s important that we help each other during times of need. Please check in with your family, friends, and neighbours to ensure they are coping with the re-entry process.

We are doing everything possible to restore regular services and safely and seamlessly return everyone to the community. Please continue to visit www.edson.ca and the Town’s social media channels for updates as new information becomes available.

-Edson CAO Christine Beveridge