Digital Economy Program

When over 95% of businesses in Alberta are small businesses, supporting them in a competitive world is critical. That’s why the Town of Edson has joined the Digital Economy Program, with Community Futures West Yellowhead (CFWY) as a strategic partner, to offer you and your business an opportunity to transform your online presence for free.

How it Works and What You Get

A Digital Support Squad member will complete a Digital Needs Assessment after you receive approval for the program. The range of services can be found below and are in the areas of Ads & Analytics, Social Media, and Website & SEO. The specific services and hours your business receives will be catered to your business based on the Digital Needs Assessment.

Key Word Search

(Two hours) Providing adequate keyword tips in order to rank higher on Google.

Analytics Analysis

(Two hours) Looking over analytics and providing actionable tips.

Competitors Ads

(Three hours) Providing lists of competitor ads in order to plan/optimize current ads.

Competitor Funnel Analysis

(Four hours) Looking at competitors' funnels and evaluating for potential optimization.

Creating An Ad 

(Please contact) Assisting in the creation of a Google/Facebook ad/campaign; looking into competition and industry standards and discussing potential content that can be created in order to compliment the sales funnel.

Social Media Audit (Branding Strategy)

(Two hours) Teaching and guiding to ensure logos, banners, bios, posting cadences, and handles are consistent with your brand guidelines.

Content Creation Strategy Session

(Two hours) Teaching strategy to increase social media engagement.

Set It Up

(Two hours) Assisting in setting up one of the social media accounts of your choice.

Customer Avatar Creation

(One hour) Identifying and defining three Digital Customer Avatars to better help target your ideal customers online.

Creating a Facebook Ad From Your Page

(Two hours) Guiding you through the basics of creating a Facebook Ad from your business page from start to finish.

Social Writing Audit

(Two hours) Auditing and editing the copy of the about sections and descriptions on your various social media channels to ensure copy is clear and compelling.

Existing Website Audit

(Two hours) Auditing your website's site speed and domain authority and learning actionable steps to improve them.

On Page SEO

(Two hours) Analyzing your overall SEO rank, and providing recommendations for improved performance.

User Experience Audit

(Three hours) Assessing your website, the structure and overall user experience.

Competitor Audit

(Four hours) Researching up to two competitor websites and assessing how your website compares.

How to Participate

To take advantage of this program for your small business, visit and complete an application form. You’ll be paired up with a Digital Economy Program Support Squad who will assess your needs and put together a work plan. Then the magic happens.


Your business needs to be registered in Alberta (Indigenous owned businesses that are not registered in Alberta may still be eligible, please contact the Digital Economy Program Coordinator directly)

Your business need to have 49 employees or less.

Ready To Start Your Transformation?

We know making a decision requires a few more answers to those questions forming in your mind. We have a simple solution for you. Visit the Digital Economy Program website. It is loaded with information that helps answer all your questions. On top of that, the website has the application form you need to get started. The Town of Edson is pleased to offer this program to you and other small businesses free of charge.

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