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*This is a list of some of the major projects underway in the Town of Edson. It may not include all of the smaller projects or day to day/short term projects that are currently underway.

For more details on approved capital projects and funding, see our full budget details at

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UPDATE: May 10th, 2024 PHOTOS

We are thrilled to share some exciting progress updates from the Edson and District Public Library Renovation and Expansion Project! The past few months have seen significant progress, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our project team, architects, and contractors.

Since the March 7th update the following activities have either commenced or been completed:

• Installation of rooftop mechanical units is currently underway, ensuring efficient heating and cooling systems for your comfort.
• Interior work, including drywall installation, mudding, and taping, is ongoing, shaping the future layout of the library.
• The roofing phase has been successfully completed, safeguarding the building against the elements.
• Skylight installation is continuing, allowing natural light to illuminate the library's interior.
• Mechanical and electrical rough-ins are in progress, laying the groundwork for essential systems.
• Window installation has been completed, enhancing both aesthetics and energy efficiency.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work towards completing this transformative project for the community. Stay tuned for further updates!

UPDATE: March 7th, 2024 PHOTOS

We are excited to share the latest on the Edson and District Library Expansion and Renovation Project, marking progress toward a modern and improved library space for our community. Highlights include interior framing and mechanical rough-ins ongoing and almost complete. The new glulam mass timber has been installed in the expansion space and the focus for the next 3 weeks will be to completing the roof over the expansion area (including new skylights). Once this is complete the remaining efforts will be directed towards drywall and finishing.

We extend our gratitude to our dedicated contractors, project manager, and the community for your unwavering patience and support throughout this journey. Stay tuned for regular updates as we navigate this transformative journey together.


UPDATE: December 1st, 2023 PHOTOS

We are excited to share an update on the ongoing renovation and expansion project at the Edson and District Library.

In the past month, we have achieved significant milestones. These include completing mechanical risers along the south window, enhancing the building's infrastructure, and constructing a curb along the grade beam, crucial for structural improvements. Internal work on mechanical and electrical systems has started, setting the stage for enhanced functionality. Additionally, we have poured concrete sidewalks and are well on our way to modernizing the library's interior.

We are genuinely thrilled with the progress and remain dedicated to creating a more functional and inviting space for our community. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting project continues to take shape!


UPDATE: November 6th, 2023 PHOTOS

We are excited to provide you with an update on the progress of the Edson and District Library Expansion Project. We appreciate your ongoing support and patience as we work to enhance our community's library facilities.

We are delighted to report that the demolition phase of the project has been successfully completed. This important milestone marks the beginning of our journey toward creating a modern and improved library space that will better serve the needs of our community. 

The project has advanced into the renovation phase following the approval of building permits. Renovation work will primarily occur indoors, making the most of the winter months. 

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this transition period. The Edson and District Library Expansion Project is designed to enhance the resources and services available to our community, and we can't wait to share the new and improved library with you. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we move closer to achieving our vision for a vibrant and accessible library space. 

On June 29, 2023, Council approved an increase in the Capital Budget for the Library Renovation and Expansion project from $3,000,000 to $3,700,000 with increased town funding of $616,600 to be funded from the Future Civic/Cultural Facility Reserve.

The project funding breakdown is expected to be as follows:

  • Town of Edson - $2,078,600
  • Yellowhead County - $538,000
  • Province - $1,000,000 (CFEP program grant)
  • Library Board - $83,400 (reserves)

Library Expansion Project Presentation - March 23, 2023

NEW TEMPORARY LOCATION ANNOUNCED at 5016 4th Avenue. See the release at


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Please be advised that a portion of Griffiths Park will undergo necessary construction in the coming weeks. The parking lot and basketball court area will be closed temporarily due to the scheduled replacement of an underground sanitary pipe. 

During this construction period we would ask that patrons of the dog park and Griffiths Park Centre park in front of the building or on the street. Please keep the small parking lot on the east of the building free for Town of Edson staff and patrons who require accessible parking. 

Details of Closure: 

  • Location: Parking lot and basketball court area in Griffiths Park.
  • Reason: Underground sanitary pipe replacement.
  • Closure Duration: The park is currently closed and will remain closed until around August 9th, 2024.
  • Impact: During this period, the affected area will be closed to public access for safety reasons.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this essential maintenance work. Please adhere to all signage and safety barriers for your own safety and to facilitate the completion of the project as scheduled.

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On Wednesday June 26, 2024, weather permitting, the Town of Edson will be repairing a water valve at the intersection of Edson Drive and 48th Street. Residents along Edson Drive between 48th Street and 49th Street will be without water service temporarily from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM while repairs are being completed.
Traffic lanes along Edson Drive will be restricted to two lanes, 3.0 meters in width, and the speed will be reduced to 30 Km/hr within the construction zone for the duration of repairs. Residents are advised that 48th Street can be used as an alternate detour route through the zone. Repairs should be completed in one day with the roadway being restored back to normal traffic by the end of day.
For the safety of our workers, and the public, please adhere to all traffic signage posted within the construction zone.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and kindly request your patience and cooperation during this time.

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Construction of the 54th Street sanitary upgrade will start at the intersection of 1st Ave and 54th Street on April 29, 2024, (weather permitting) and will proceed north along 54th Street as per the map below.

Construction for the 10th Ave sanitary upgrade is anticipated to commence on July 8th, 2024.

The project is expected to last approximately 90 working days, with completion targeted by mid-August 2024.

The contractor, along with a representative from the engineering firm, will be in contact with each affected resident prior to construction to provide updates on affected services, including temporary water access, property access, parking, and garbage collection arrangement.

Update July 5, 2024 (Full Notice and Contact Info)

This notice is to inform you that we will be performing construction involving underground sanitary pipe replacement on 10th Ave from 56th Street to 51st Steet. These upgrades are essential in order to upsize the existing sanitary pipe to prevent future system flooding.

The intended start date for construction is the week of July 8th. The start of this project will see 10th Ave reduced to one lane (Easbound), weather dependent. Please refer to the attached Traffic plan for road closures and suggested detours.

The garbage collection will remain as usual for most areas, except for houses on the north side of 10th Ave between 56th Street and 54th Street. For these houses, garbage collection will proceed through the back alley temporarily. You will receive notice promptly if there are any further changes to the garbage collection plan.

For the safety of our workers, and the public, please adhere to all traffic signage posted within the construction zone.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your cooperation during this time.

March 26, 2024
Public Notice - Contract Award - 10 Ave and 54 Street Sanitary Upgrade Project

April 22, 204
Construction Update - 10th Ave and 54th Street Upgrades

April 26, 2024
Intersection Work 1st Ave and 54th Street

April 29, 2024
Traffic Impact Notice: Sewer Bypass Installation

May 6, 2024
Construction Notice - 54th Street/HWY 16

May 10, 2024
Construction Notice - 54th Street

May 28, 2024
Construction Notice - HWY 16/54th Street

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Parkway Enterprises Ltd. will begin reconstruction of 18th Avenue on 49th and 48th Street starting Monday, May 13th, 2024 and continuing into late summer or fall.  Construction work will include replacement of both the water main and the sanitary sewer, including services to property line, roadway reconstruction, sidewalk replacement, plus new streetlights with underground power.

The contractor will begin mobilizing in equipment and supplies the week of May 13, 2024, and will begin closing off the construction area, including roadways and sidewalks. Access to the front of the properties will be closed, and you are asked to access the homes from the back lane.  

Temporary water services will be installed beginning on May 13th and 14th.  Water lines will be connected to an outside tap on your home, and the water meter shut off. Crews will speak with each homeowner on site prior to installing water services to each home.

 If you have any questions or concerns related to this project, please contact Parkway Enterprises at 780-542-2333.


July 4, 2024 - UPDATE

As part of the ongoing construction of 18th Avenue between 48th Street and 49th Street, Parkway Enterprises Ltd. has completed all the underground utilities and is in the process of reconstructing the road.  Currently, the gravel base course is being placed, with concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk to begin the week of July 15, 202. Paving should follow the week of July 22, 2024, weather permitting.   

As part of the ongoing roadwork, effective Monday July 8, 2024, the intersection of 48th Street and 18th Avenue will be closed again to through traffic, while 49th Street and 18 Avenue will be reopened to through traffic. Affected residents along 18th Avenue will still be provided back lane access to their property. All other traffic is requested to use 49th Street and 12th Avenue as an alternative detour route.  

For the safety of our workers, and the public, please adhere to all traffic signage posted within the construction zone.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and kindly request your patience and cooperation during this time. 


March 26, 2024
18th Ave Rehab Project Notice

April 22, 2024
Tree Cutting Notice - 18th Ave Rehabilitation Project

May 7, 2024
Construction Notice - 18th Avenue

May 14, 2024
18th Avenue Construction - Waste Collection


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The Town has hired a local contractor to start clearing the trees within the Right of Way of TWP RD 532 between 54th Street South and 63rd Street (Willmore Road).

This process is in preparation for design for road construction.

This new road will provide a second access to the Edson Landfill and the businesses along 54th Street South.

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Assessments were required throughout Edson following the substantial flood event this summer to determine how much damage occurred. On June 29th assessments were completed by ISL Engineering with recommendations including upgrading the culverts at 6th avenue.

The report was reviewed by staff and the came to Council requesting funding and approval on July 18th. You can watch the discussion here:

As per the engineering report, the flooding in the community occurred after ground was saturated from previous rains and allowed for little ground absorption. The water ran off, overwhelming streams and storm infrastructure.

Some repairs required include 6th Avenue, the sink hole on 2nd Avenue and other related infrastructure damage.

The 6th avenue repair is large in nature and requires the Town to follow a tendering process under Provincial/Federal Trade regulations. Information on this project can be found below.

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New Crack Seal Unit
The new Crack Seal Unit unit is making its way through Edson. This is a new piece of equipment to our transportation department after Council increased the budget for road maintenance and repair. It is used to seal the smaller cracks on the road to stop water penetration. This unit will be used in addition to the Spray Patcher that is used for larger cracks.

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Subject to change *Parking lot removed

The project will include rebuilding 5 diamonds at the northeast end of Vision Park, which includes:

  • Landscaping to improve drainage in the lower areas of Vision Park.
  • Construction of two 300-foot diamonds suitable for Slo-Pitch and Baseball.
  • Rebuilding of three diamonds to level the landscape, improve drainage, and upgrade fencing.

Once this work is complete, Vision Park will have 16 operational diamonds, which more than accommodates the needs of Edson Mixed Slo-Pitch and Edson Minor Ball. A park of this size will also attract ball tournaments to the community.

Budget - $1,922,240

Timeline - Work started on September 19, 2022 and is anticipated to continue until August 2023. Grass seed takes a minimum of two full years to grow and establish itself so we anticipate the new ball diamonds will not be operational until the spring 2025.


In 2019 Trans Mountain Pipeline started work installing their new pipeline directly through Vision Park.

Eight of our softball diamonds at Vision Park were either fully or partially located on the Trans Mountain right of away. The work done by Trans Mountain Pipeline resulted in the removal of the playground, 72 full-grown spruce and poplar trees, six ball diamonds, and partially impacted two other diamonds.

Trans Mountain must return all sites on their right of way to their original condition after the excavation and construction, however, Trans Mountain and the Town of Edson jointly identified that it might be in the Town’s best interest to rebuild the affected ball diamonds and other structures rather than Trans Mountain. The Town of Edson rebuilding the diamonds (with financial contributions from Trans Mountain) would ensure the Town of Edson could rebuild them in alignment with the new Vision Park Revitalization Plan.

The Town of Edson Parks Department worked with EDS Group to build a revitalization plan for Vision Park in June 2020. A draft plan was presented to Council on October 27, 2020. The plan included a phased approach, with phase one being rebuilding the diamonds removed by Trans Mountain. Unfortunately, tenders came in far over budget and the plan was scaled back in consultation with user groups.

Upcoming Projects

Project includes upgrades on Wase Creek on 1st avenue between Highway 16 overpass and 48th Street to mitigate flooding and drainage issues.

Budget - 90% grant funded. More details to come.

Timeline - Design activities are started and a land agent is currently working on the file to secure rights of access for geotechnical investigations and future work plans.

Long Term Projects

The Town of Edson and Yellowhead County are embarking on a historic joint project.

Following many years of public input and facility studies, our communities have come together to start work on a new Multi-Use Recreational Facility.

A joint initiative between the Town of Edson and Yellowhead County is one step closer to becoming a regional staple, with schematic designs for the YCE Multiplex officially approved.

With the innovative design given the thumbs-up, a four-phase construction plan is in the books and work is ready to begin this summer, including project site planning and utility upgrades to accommodate the new build.

More details can be found at

Completed Projects

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This project included replacement and upsizing the culverts under 6th Avenue (east of 48th Street), repair /replacement of damaged underground infrastructure, rebuilding the damaged portion of 6th Avenue, and installing new pavement and sidewalks.
ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. was been awarded the Design and Construction Management for the project. Construction of this project is being done by Kaon Infrastructure Ltd.

UPDATE September 29, 2023

The scope of work for this project was expanded to include a replacement of 56 meters of leaking Sanitary Sewer line and one manhole that is in a poor condition.


UPDATE November, 2023

6th Avenue is now open to the public, with the contractor returning in the spring to lay asphalt.

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Conceptual Drawing

Project is to install a new water treatment plant (WTP) and public use facility at Vision Park.

In 2020, the Town undertook facility design at Vision Park to make use of an existing licensed water well that requires treatment to meet potable water quality standards. The Vision Park Water Treatment Plant design includes a process area and a separated area with washrooms and meeting space for use by the public within the park.

Budget - $2,274,660

More details can be found in the agenda from the May 25th, 2021 Committee of the Whole Meeting and the June 1st, 2021 Council Meeting.

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From August 10, 2023, to approximately August 18, the Town of Edson Public Works will be performing road maintenance on 1st Avenue (48th Street to 50th Street). The primary scope of work will be the removal of all existing asphalt, repairing potholes, and re-gravelling. The affected roadways will be available for local traffic only, please expect delays and temporary closures during this period.


Update August 30, 2023

This project is now complete!

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Demolition and removal of the bridge in the Edson Lions Park Campground is underway and expected to be complete by Sunday, November 26th, 2023.
The bridge is being removed for safety reasons.
Please keep out of the campground while work is underway and avoid that section of the trail system until removal is complete.

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A new facility has replaced the old outdoor arena structure in Glenwood Park and provide year-round recreational opportunities for residents. The structure is a cement base which lowers the staff resource implication in the winter as the arena will be much easier to flood. It may also allow earlier flooding of the ice surface, potentially leading to a longer winter skating season.

Considering that the facility will now provide year-round recreational opportunities, such as basketball and pickle ball in the summer months, greater usage of the park is anticipated.

Budget - $435,000 (75% grant funded)

Timeline - Project is complete and the new facility is ready for use!

More details can be found in the agenda from the March 15th, 2022 Council Meeting.

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New pedestrian crosswalk lights have been installed at 4th Avenue and 46th street. This project consists of a flashing crosswalk sign mounted on a cantilever style pole, side mounted flashing indicator signals, and pedestrian push buttons and crosswalk signage on both sides of roadway.

 Update August 4th, 2023

The north pedestrian light is working but the south signals are still malfunctioning. A new signal system has been ordered and will be installed upon delivery. The signals will be wrapped out of order until they repaired, please be cautious crossing 2nd Ave (Hwy 16) and 46 St intersection.

Budget - Approximately $150,000.

Timeline - Project is now complete!