COVID-19 Response

Please note that the Town of Edson currently has NO IMPACT to our essential services. While the Town Office currently has reduced public hours, staff are still working to provide services to the residents of our community.

The Town of Edson is in contact with Alberta Health and urges residents to continue to receive health information from reliable sources including the Provincial website set up with the latest information on COVID-19, signs and symptoms, and special precautions people should be taking to help stop the spread of the virus. has the latest information from the Province and Alberta Health Services has the latest information from the Federal level.


January 26th, 2021 (Updated to the end of day Jan 25) - 25 Active Cases (0 new cases, 1 recovery)
The Edson Zone (Central Yellowhead County) is listed as having 25 active cases, 232 recovered, and 1 death. There has been a total of 258 cases to date for this local geographic area.
In the status map, the Town of Edson falls under Yellowhead County. The Yellowhead County zone IS under the Enhanced category. See the Provincial restrictions in place below. Yellowhead County zone has 38 active cases, 271 recovered, and 5 deaths.
An outbreak has been identified at the Edson Continuing Care Centre. We do not have specific details at this time. Please note that locations of outbreaks in acute care and continuing care facilities are reported publicly when there are 2 or more cases, indicating that a transmission within the facility has occurred.
Overall, the Province saw 366 new cases on 8,312 tests. There are currently 8,654 active cases in Alberta, 626 hospitalizations (-11) with 108 in ICU (-5) and 1,587 deaths (+13).

We would like to remind everyone of the importance of physical/social distancing and mass gathering limits. If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID-19, stay home. It’s up to us to help control the spread.

Provincial Restrictions

Effective Monday, January 18, some provincewide restrictions will be eased:
  • Outdoor social gatherings are allowed up to 10 people. Indoor gatherings remain prohibited.
  • Personal and wellness services are allowed to open by appointment only.
  • Funeral ceremony attendance has been increased to 20 people, with mandatory masking and 2 metre physical distancing. Funeral receptions are not allowed.
All other mandatory restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

For the full listing, including the business restrictions, mask requirements, and social gathering restrictions, please visit the Provincial website.

Mandatory Facial Covering Bylaw ENACTED

Updated November 26th

Edson Mandatory Facial Covering Bylaw NOW Enacted

The Town of Edson has enacted Bylaw 2250, the Mandatory Facial Covering Bylaw, effective November 18th, 2020.

*With the Alberta Government declaration of a State of Public Health Emergency, the Edson Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) has extended the Mandatory Mask Bylaw until the end of the three week period of enhanced Provincial measures. At that time, the ECC will review the risk level in our community and determine if it should be extended or removed.

This bylaw requires the use of facial coverings for all individuals over the age of 2 in all indoor, or substantially enclosed Public Place or in any Public Transportation Vehicle. Other exemptions include:

The Emergency Coordination Centre, with the support of Council, have enacted this bylaw due to the rising COVID-19 case numbers in the region. This also falls in line with the Provincial request to help reduce risk in our communities in order to prevent overloading the healthcare system and to avoid further restrictions.

It should be noted that face coverings are only effective if used in combination with other health measures, such as regular hand washing, physical distancing, and reducing large gatherings.

While the intention of this bylaw is not punitive, those who refuse to follow the bylaw could be subject to a $100 fine for a first offence, and $200 for subsequent offences.

This bylaw will be in effect for a MINIMUM of 2 weeks and reviewed by the ECC based on the criteria of the bylaw, current risk levels in the region, and direction of the Provincial Government at the time.

Please note: While masking has been a polarizing issue, we ask that people are treated with kindness and consideration in true Edson community spirit both in the public and online.

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More information on Edson’s COVID-19 response, as well as posters available for businesses to download, can be found at

More information on the proper use of masks, visit





To protect the health and safety of Albertans, public health orders can be legally-enforced and fines issued for violations.

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