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Business Licence Renewals

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With the beginning of every year, we would like to kindly remind our business owners to renew their business licence before the February 15th deadline for renewals.

Last year, the Business Licence Bylaw received it’s first update since 2006. Please note the following changes for 2023:

  1. Following a review and comparison of fees from similar sized municipalities, the fee structure has been adjusted and 'early bird discount' has been repealed;
  2. Although Business Licences technically expire at the end of the year. Your business will remain compliant and is allowed to operate within the Town up until the February 15th Per our newly enacted Business Licence Bylaw No. 2280, failure to renew by February 15th, would deem the Business Licence invalid and the Business not being permitted to operate within Town limits until such a time when the Business Licence is renewed; and
  3. Moving forward, to reduce paper waste, the Town of Edson will no longer be issuing new Business Licence Certificates. One can be printed for a $10 fee. We would ask business owners reaching their 5-year mark to place their new Business Licence stickers over the older stickers on the certificate.

If you have any further questions, clarifications or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Economic Development Officer at Kundison@edson.ca.